Grimaud Unique Old Stool (only 1 left!)

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This stool is just fabulous! Made from solid wood, it is strong, sturdy and oh so charming. 

Dimensions: H40/D36 cm 

New life to old wood...

...and new, gorgeous items are born, filled with stories and soul from their previous life.
Natural materials has a way of aging beautifully, and the patina and unique quirks adds charm and an authentic feel.

And that is exactly what our Grimaud items are - authentic and unique.

The Grimaud series offers stunning furniture like wooden tables, cabinets and stools. But you will also find lovely interior details such as trays, vases and several types of storage. Either being old artefacts or created from recycled wood. For the same reason, the Grimaud items may vary in shape, size and type of wood - they are truly one-of-a-kind.

Handmade, each stool is unique as there are slight variations.

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